Aunt sharing picture of her breastfeeding her nephew starts debate

Meg shared this image on her Facebook page, The Milk Meg, on Monday
Meg shared this image on her Facebook page, The Milk Meg, on Monday

Meg Nagle posted an image of her breastfeeding her nephew on her blog, The Milk Meg and it encouraged other women to share their positive stories.

Ms Nagle, a lactation consultant and blogger, shared the selfie on her Facebook page on Monday and has received hundreds of comments, most of which are encouraging.

My gorgeous little nephew! While my sister was at work today I tried to give him a bottle of her expressed milk a few times (which he wouldn't take). I could see he was tired so I popped him on the boob and voila, he was asleep in minutes. 

Nagle is a mum-of-three and she is still breastfeeding her youngest son, who is four years old, once a day.

She responded to questions on her post stating that she had asked her sister’s permission before feeding her nephew. "Of course I asked her", she said.

Her post has since received hundreds of comments.

Crystal Taylor said she would do anything necessary to take care of her twin sister’s children:

I’ve nursed my niece and my twin has nursed my son. If it’s anything like me and my sister it’s been discussed before that we will do what’s necessary to take care of the littles.”

Courtney Chameleon commented:

"My sister gave birth to my beautiful nephew nearly 4 years ago now! She was exhausted in hospital and he wasn't quite latching, and she actually asked me "PLEASE! JUST FEED HIM!!!". I felt so honoured to give him his first decent feed as a freshy and to help my poor sister get some much needed rest! Will never forget it! Bonding through boob juice!"

Jamie Sue Faris has fed a child that she is not related to:

"My bestie and I have nursed each others littles. It's a special bond and has come in handy when I was in labor and when she was having latch issues but couldn't explain the issue"

Vanessa Stasinowsky agreed:

"This happened with my niece when I babysat her. She was beside herself; nothing would calm her. I rang my SIL who suggested I feed her. Happy and relaxed in seconds!"

Nicole Elizabeth Hughes-Miller declared “I've nursed 4 of my sister's kids (we were pregnant at the same time 3 times, twins for her the last time). Milk's milk! They don't care...why should we?

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