Elderly man lived without heat until strangers came to help

Christmas Spirit: Jimmy made sure Tom had a warm Christmas
Christmas Spirit: Jimmy made sure Tom had a warm Christmas

Maybe it's the Christmas spirit, or people are always this generous, but there are a lot of feel-good stories at this time of year.

While it's not difficult to be distracted by all the wrapping and planning that is necessary at this time of year, it is also important to remember that it is a time for kindness.

Emma Patterson ensured one man in England had the perfect Christmas after she found out he had been living without heat for two years.

Meet Tom!

Tom lives on his own, his wife died, he never had any children and has no family.

Emma Gets the same bus home nearly everyday and more or less befriended Tom. Tom told her that he has no one and has been living in a cold house for two years without heating!! That's due to a rogue heating company in Newcastle ripping him off with zero aftercare. He gave up trying and decided to live cold.

Emma through being a totally selfless and humble person took it upon herself to buy Tom a scarf ( which he loves) and some mince pies and promised him he would get his heating sorted as when she went inside his house she said it was like a fridge.

Emma put a status asking for heating engineers and asked if anyone could do a favour and get the heating up and running. He didn't have the money to pay so she asked for a kind favour, since she got no luck with AGEUK etc.

Someone tagged me in the post and for sure I was going to help. I hope one day if that was my family member someone would do the same.

We got his heating up and running and now know he will be warm this Christmas.

None of this would of happened if it wasn't for Emma and we should be proud people like Emma are around these days!

Christmas isn't about presents and money it's about making someone smile and be happy!

The post, written by Jimmy Haghighat has gone viral almost 4,000 shares and hundreds of comments from people congratulating the pair on their good deed and proving that real Christmas spirit is still around.


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