Gardai confirm investigation into attempted abduction of 7 year-old boy

Warning: Gardai are investigating the incident
Warning: Gardai are investigating the incident

Gardaí have confirmed that they are investigating the attempted abduction of a seven-year-old boy in Co. Wexford at the weekend.

It is reported the youngster was approached by two men in Maudlintown, Co Wexford.

The incident happened at 7.15pm on Sunday after the boy was returning home from a nearby playground

The boy’s mum wrote about the reported incident on Facebook and it has now been shared by concerned locals.

Two SCUMBAGS tried to take my (boy) outside the community centre in Maudlintown. They scratched his hand off the wall and it was bleeding. The f*****s tried to put something over his face and said "your coming with us". Lucky another few children came and (he) kicked the scumbag and ran away. The had their big white van parked (nearby).  If anyone seen anything can you please let me know. I have been to the guards.

A garda spokesperson confirmed to the Mirror that they 'are investigating the incident. We've taken a report and are looking into it."

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