Grieving parents sue party hosts after child choked on marshmallow

Lawsuit: Azriel Estabrooks parents filed a lawsuit this week
Lawsuit: Azriel Estabrooks parents filed a lawsuit this week

The family of an eleven year old girl who died after choking on a marshmallow at a birthday party is suing the hosts of the party.

Azriel Estabrooks, who lived in Somerset, south of Boston, was at a party last April when the tragic incident occurred.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday Bristol County Superior Court by her parents Jason and Iris Estabrooks, alleges their daughter and other children were not properly supervised and the hosts provided foods that could be choking hazards.

There are “so many unanswered questions” that her parents felt they needed to sue, said Steven P. Sabra, the attorney representing Azriel’s parents.

“When a healthy, normal child goes to a birthday party and ends up choking to death, questions of supervision and response to the emergency naturally arise,” Sabra told the Herald News.

A police investigation ruled Azriel’s death was a tragic accident and found no criminal wrongdoing on the hosts’ part.


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