Mother outraged when she sees surveillance of 2 yr old boy in child care

Cameras: The shocking incident was captured by surveillance cameras
Cameras: The shocking incident was captured by surveillance cameras

A mother cried as she watched footage of her two-year old boy Amari being hit by a worker at his child care centre.

The footage was recorded by the Cedar Early Learning Center in Cleveland, Ohio, who immedaitely dismissed the employees and the mother started criminal proceedings.

The administrator of the facility, Octavia Manuel, said, "I'm glad I have recorders to catch things like this because you just never know."

The incident happened last October but the video has recently being shared socially, shocking people who watch it.

Amari's mother Ryane Lamb cried as she watched the surveillance video. She told Fox8 News that as a parent "you just don't want to know what that feels like". 

"I filed a police report and I'm prosecuting both of them", she added.

Melissa Tate was sentenced in April to the maximum 36 months after pleading guilty to a felony for endangering children.

She apologised to the court but Judge Kathleen Sutula called her a "monster".

 "Wow, this world is upside down, and this is part of the reason," Judge Sutula said. "Even the screaming at these kids, where does that come from. You are a monster, too, Miss Tate."

Another daycare employee was also arrested and her case is still pending.


WARNING: Some people may find this footage distressing.


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