Parents reveal their moment of truth

Dirty Dishes
Dirty Dishes

We've all been there.

Our little bundle of joy comes along and we spend the first few months in an absolute daze as we figure out what the hell we are doing.

Between the sterilising, nappy changing, cuddling, bottle warming, food processing, walking, burping, cleaning, playing, washing and, if you're lucky, sleeping it takes a while before you realise what becoming a parent means for your future life.

Buzzfeed asked parents to share this moment of clarity with the hashtag #youknowyoureaparentwhen.

Only a parent will understand some of our favourite answers:

... dinner is worn, not eaten

...your entire phone is filled with pictures of your kid and nothing else!!! My favorite person in the whole world!’ve mastered snack-making for several kids … one-handed

...your boots have owl stickers on them haven't seen the the news for 6 years but you know Nick Jnr's programme schedule by heart!

...Your not alone when going to toilet!

... you spend 5 hours making a cake that gets destroyed in 10 seconds.

…7am is sleeping in

...I'm going be the life and soul of the party; as long as it ends at 8:30pm just made a coffee with a calpol spoon! 

...going to a parent teacher conference is officially a date

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