Parents vs Triplets and Toddler

Corrie dressing her babies for bed.
Corrie dressing her babies for bed.

Bedtime routines are always challenging but more so if you are the parents to a toddler and baby triplets.

Inspired by their four children  - Emily, the oldest, and their triplets, Jackson, Olivia and Levi - parents Dan Gibson and Corrie-Lynn Whyte created a blog The Baby Gang  for all things, well, baby.

Recently, Dan shared a video of Corrie attempting to get all the kids dressed for bed. 

Normally the parents work together but earlier this month Dan challenged Corrie to try it on her own and filmed the attempt.

Amazingly, the smiling Corrie completed the task in only 2 mins and 13 seconds and the subsequent video has been viewed over 50 million times!

But Dad Dan just had to compete and he has just uploaded his attempt.

So who won the challenge?

Thanks to onesie with zippers Dan beat Corrie's time by 13 seconds.

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