Police continue search for van in relation to possible child abduction

Police now say the bike found at the scene does not belong to the abducted boy
Police now say the bike found at the scene does not belong to the abducted boy

Police in Surrey renewed their appeal for information in relation to the reported abduction of a little boy on Thursday evening.

Surrey Police are "completely satisfied at this stage with the credibiity of the witness" who claimes to have seen a boy being bundled into the back of a van.

Detective Supertintendent Chris Edwards said the police  "take all investigations involving children very seriously and until such time we can prove otherwise, we will continue to investigate it as reported'.

“They witnessed a child being taken from the roadside, into a van and that appears to be against the child’s will. There is no information to suggest that there was a struggle; the child appears to have been taken from the roadside against their will', he added.


Police appealed for information relating to a "02 plate, black VW Transporter van with three alloy wheels and the fourth wheel is a space saver".

The 'missing' boy was described as being white, approximately 4ft tall and around 6 or 7 years old, wearing a red t-shirt and navy blue jeans although there have been no reports of any missing children.

However, the BBC reports Supt Fulton saying in the renewed appeal: "In the 48 hours since the call, a large number of officers have carried out an extensive and thorough investigation into this report.

"The appeal for help from the public and media has received an overwhelming reaction which we are extremely thankful for.

"Reports of this nature are extremely rare and we are sure the public understands that when information such as this is received we have to do all we can to find out what has happened."




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