Simple parenting hacks to entertain kids and save money

Simple ice cream holder can save a lot of cleaning up. ©Imgur
Simple ice cream holder can save a lot of cleaning up. ©Imgur

As parents, the best source of help is usually other parents.

The advice of others who have faced similar problems and found simple solutions are priceless...and usually free.

Parents have been sharing tips on Imgur ranging from using an old plastic laundry basket to keep your baby safe in the bath to the now famous 'You shall not pass' toilet roll holder to stop your kids using too much paper.

Check out the gallery below - you never know when one of these ideas will come in handy!


A Dump of Parenting Tips


Keep A Door Open With Rubber Bands To Protect Your Kids From Getting Locked In The Bathroom

Child locks

Put Colorful Glow Sticks In Your Kid's Bathtub To Make Him Feel Like Jedi

Glow sticks for kids

Turn An Old DVD Box Into A Coloring Case

Children toys DIY

Get Your Kid A Temporary Tattoo With Your Phone Number

Keep children safe when travelling

Put A "You Shall Not Pass" Sign To Teach Your Kids How To Save Toilet Paper

Kids toilet training tips

Put Velcro On Your Rugs. Easy To Lift For Cleaning But Stays In Place All Day Long

Cleaning tips with kids

Detangle Doll's Hair With Dish Soap And Hair Conditioner

Detangle dolls hair

Paint the fence with water

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