Single mum does something amazing so son has a 'dad day' at school

Whitney dressed up as a Dad  for her son's Dad & Son breakfast at school © Facebook / Whitney Kittrell
Whitney dressed up as a Dad for her son's Dad & Son breakfast at school © Facebook / Whitney Kittrell

A single mum, whose 'heart sank' after her son came home with a note informing parents of a ' doughnuts and dads' day, is being praised for coming up with a brilliant solution.

Whitney Kittrell, from Utah, US, said she asked her son whether he'd like his grandad to go with him instead. However, her son said that he wanted her because she's his 'mum and dad'.

The young Mum overcame her "embarrassment" and dressed up as a typical 'dad';  putting on a cap, a t-shirt, and even drew on some facial hair.

Her son introduced her to his friends saying: "This is my mom. She's my dad too so I brought her!" 

She shared her story last week on Facebook and has received an overwhelmingly positive response. 

The post said:

When I became a single mom over 3 years ago I made a promise with myself that I would do anything I could, even if it meant going out of my comfort zone, to give my kids a "normal" life and the same experiences as other kids. We have accomplished a lot.

Trips alone, teaching my son how to play catch, killing bugs with minimal screaming, countless memories, and a normal life.

But when my kindergartener came home with a paper saying that they were having "dads and doughnuts" my heart kinda sank. I finally sat him down and asked if he wanted to ask his grandpa to go. He just smiled and said "no. I want you to go. You're my mom and dad".

So this morning I gathered up my best dad outfit, painted on some facial hair, and went to breakfast with my sweet son. I was so embarrassed but I couldn't help but smile when he introduced me to his little friends saying "this is my mom... she's my dad too so I brought her!" I

've tried my best to let them know they are loved but I wonder a lot if I'm actually succeeding at it. When I went to leave he ran after me and hugged me tight around my neck and whispered "mom... I know that you'll always be there and do anything for me. Thank you. I love you" kissed my cheek and ran off. I hope he remembers this day cause I'll never forget it or his sweet words.



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