Tips for Dads to help your kids make their Mother's Day special

Made with love: Homemade is definitely preferable to shop bought.
Made with love: Homemade is definitely preferable to shop bought.

So, Mother’s Day is nearly here; quite possibly, for a Dad to young children, the most feared day in any calendar year.

Firstly, your child’s mother is not YOUR mother. You have your own Mummy to visit.

We understand. 

But the little ones can’t arrange a special mother’s day like you can and nothing will make your beloved wife more appreciative than you helping her children spoil her silly.

The good news. It’s actually really easy. 

Here are 8 simple ideas to let your partner know how much you care.

1) Breakfast in Bed

OK, it’s a bit obvious but it works. We’re not looking for Eggs Benedict. A few extra peaceful moments in bed listening to all the crashing and banging in the kitchen. Bliss.

2) Homemade card

We’re not thinking big here. A simple handmade card rather than a shop bought one will mean so much more. It’s not just the sweet card that we can keep, it’s also the thought of you all working on a surprise together.

Check out this collection on Pinterest.

3) Mothers Day Coupons

We’re not ones for expensive gifts.

No, seriously, we’re not!

A coupon book from the kids that we can cash is a great idea. Car Wash, Sweep the Floor, No sibling fighting for one hour, a lie-in, 60 minutes alone so I can call a friend or soak in the tub…

4) A Memory Journal

A blank journal, some nice memories written inside and plenty of pages for new ones that we can add during the year. They can be serious, silly or sweet. The kids will love it and so will their Mummy.

5) Make the Lunch

Now, we’re stepping it up a bit. A simple Roast Chicken, Spuds and Veg should not be too difficult.

Just don’t forget the washing up!

Check out Jamie Oliver’s handy recipe. What could possibly go wrong?

6) Go for a walk/playground 

A nice stroll together to walk off the dinner.  Visit the local playground. Or if the weather is bad, bring the kids to somewhere indoors where they can let off some steam.

Check out these indoor family fun places in Ireland; filter by 'distance' to find some in your area.

7) DIY Spa Day

A basket with a few small products. And an hour to test them while you are out with the kids!

8) Game Night

All we really want to do is spend time with our kids having fun. Pick a game; Monopoly, Beat The Parents, Game of Life, Cards....

9) Bed Time

Get the kids ready for bed while their Mum enjoys a glass of wine. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Now, relax and remember it's only 12 weeks until Father's Day!


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