Two toddlers killed by kite strings while looking out of car sunroof

Kites are flown to celebrate Independence Day. File Photo © Google
Kites are flown to celebrate Independence Day. File Photo © Google

Two children have died in Delhi after their throats were cut by glass-covered strings used for flying kites during Independence Day celebrations.

A man driving a motorbike was also killed while an 8 year old boy and two other adults including a policeman were injured in seperate incidents.

Many Indians fly kites, usually coloured like the national flag, as a celebration on important days like Monday's Independence day but the recent use of sharp nylon strings to cut competitor kites led to the tragedy.

The cheap wire, known as Chinese "manjhas" is similar to fishing line but laced with glass to make it sharper.

Both children were looking out of their car sunroofs when a passing kite fatally injured them, reported the Hindustan Times.

The Delhi government has issued an immediate ban on the sale, production and storage of glass-coated threads or Chinese manja with a violation punishable with imprisonment of up to five years.

"There shall be complete ban on the sale, production, storage, supply and use of nylon, plastic and Chinese manja and any other kite-flying thread that is sharp or made sharp such as by being laced with glass, metal or other sharp objects in National Capital Territory of Delhi," the notification state

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