Warning: Child stung by poisonous fish on Irish beach

A 4-year-old girl who had been playing along the edge of the water of an Irish beach was suddenly overcome with excruciating pain in her foot.

Fiona Lagan from Dungiven was at the Bennone beach near Giant's Causeway on Saturday with her children when her four-year-old daughter, Maisie, started crying about the pain.

“The lifeguards knew straight away what it was - a weever fish - because someone else had been stung by one in the past few days,” Fiona explained.

The lesser weever fish only gets as big as 6 inches, but can be extremely painful to those who come in contact with the venomous spines along it's dorsal fin.

The fish buries itself in the sand with only it's dorsal fin and eyes exposed.

“The treatment is fairly simple if you are unlucky enough to be stung. Just soak your foot in as warm of water as you can stand and that helps get rid of the toxins. That’s what the lifeguards did and within about fifteen minutes Maisie was like a different child" said Mrs Lagan.

“I would just encourage anyone going to the beach to think about getting a pair of jelly shoes or an old pair of trainers for the kids, just in case.




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