Watch: Two Mums reveal the hilarious truth about Spanx

Spanx the Truth © IMumSoHard / Facebook
Spanx the Truth © IMumSoHard / Facebook

Comedians and bloggers Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley like to expose the truth about being a mother and a woman in funny videos on this IMomSoHard site.

The concept is simple enough. Two friends have a chat about a topic and we get to be a friend sitting on the couch across from them, laughing at their take on life.

They explain their popularity this way: "Moms have a sort of shorthand with one another, where you can just say what you’re thinking and feeling without having to qualify it. Moms already know that you love your kids; that goes without saying. So we can make fun of ourselves and our lives (while still loving them) and other moms just get it"

Recent topics covered include their take on Body Hair, Beauty Treatments and Mother's Day.

However, the latest video posted to their Facebook page has struck a chord and already being viewed over 2 million times this week.

Warning: Do not eat while watching as you will be laughing so hard that you'll have to spit your food out ;-)




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