Woman sparks debate about "moaning" new mums-to-be

Sharing: Do new mum-to-be complain too much
Sharing: Do new mum-to-be complain too much

Pregnancy is such an emotional rollercoaster, especially for women having their first child, that mums-to-be can be forgiven for talking about it all the time.

However, one woman has created a controversy by saying that she is tired of women 'acting like they're the first person ever to be pregnant'.

Posting to Mumsnet, User1234567891011 rant has generated a huge reaction.

'I know complaining and grumbling is completely within the right of any pregnant person and it is normal for there to be pain etc in pregnancy.

However. How many of you have ever had to listen (mine is 
over FB and in person) to someone who acts like they're the first person to ever be pregnant (you know what I'm talking about). Moaning and complaining constantly over the tiniest of things, even if they're not exactly pregnancy related they somehow become because of it! 

Example: ''My headache is so bad, pregnancy is so hard, I didn't 
realise it would be this awful! I'm going to have to go to the doctor to get some strong painkillers''. This is at about 6 weeks.'

Some of the responses are even more critical than the original post.

CinderellaFant says:

The woman I know who was exactly like this now has an 8 month- and still acts like she's the only one in the world who has a baby! She's forever posting about sleepless nights, how she can't function without sleep, how hard it is to get anything done, how she's got the flu but still has to deal with the baby. 

Suck it up buttercup!!

Gardencentregroupie said:

To be fair this pregnancy I've had blinding headaches, but on the other hand I did have to unfollow someone on FB who was even posting photos of their dinner and captioning them "building a strong baby" etc

smEGGtoplasm posted:

My sil (sister-in-law) reserves the right to be the first pregnant person, the first person ever to be stressed, the first person ever to have children who are ill or to be ill themselves. Nobody is allowed to feel more pain than her or even to talk about their pain because that's not fair, she has it far worse than anybody else. Obviously

QueenLizIII said:

Ive had to unfollow one of my friends on facebook following the birth of her baby.  it is driving me mad.  She doesnt even call herself her name anymore or her DH his name, she refers to them both as mummy and daddy. It is really sickening. We had two years of wedding photos constant reminders of it for two years after the marriage. Now it is updates every few hours on baby. You'd think no one else had ever had a baby before


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