Dublin Zoo delighted after Asian elephant gives birth to new calf

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a cute new baby elephant calf.

They announced this afternoon that mum Yasmin gave birth to the healthy calf on Monday afternoon after a 22-month gestation period. The calf is estimated to be 1 metre tall and weighs approximately 130kg.

This new arrival is Yasmin’s fourth calf and the sixth elephant calf born at Dublin Zoo in less than three years.

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The new-born will join the herd of 10 Asian elephants, including father Upali, in the Kaziranga Forest Trail.

This latest birth is a significant success for Dublin Zoo as part of the international breeding programme established to assist the survival of the Asian elephant. It is estimated that only 30,000 to 60,000 of these animals exist in the wild, with the largest population found in India*.

Gerry Creighton, Operations Manager at Dublin Zoo, said that they are delighted with the new arrival.

 “It is with immense pride that we announce the birth of the latest addition to the Asian elephant herd here at Dublin Zoo.

 “The birth of an Asian elephant is an amazing spectacle and this was no exception. The arrival of the calf was greeted with celebratory trumpeting and each member of the herd, from the oldest to youngest, played a role in assisting with the birth.

 “We’ve been on an incredible journey over the past three years, overseeing the birth of six elephant calves, placing Dublin Zoo as one the most successful Asian elephant breeding programmes in the world. The recent births are of huge significance for the future of the endangered Asian elephant.

Dublin Zoo is inviting the public to suggest a name for the new arrival based on his Asian origin. Submit your suggestion here.

To see the new arrival, visit the Kaziranga Forest Trail in Dublin Zoo, open seven days a week from 9.30am to 6pm.

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