Dinosaurs In The Wild, Birmingham

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Quayside Tower, Broad St, Birmingham B1 2HF, UK
Jun 24, 2017 9:30:00 AM - Aug 24, 2017 6:00:00 PM
Adult - EUR 29.50 Child - EUR 26.00 Family - EUR 95.00
Suitable for:

THEIR TIME. THEIR WORLD. YOUR ADVENTURE. DINOSAURS IN THE WILD WILL TAKE YOU ON THE ULTIMATE VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY. This unique, immersive, live-action family adventure enables you to travel by time machine, back 67 million years, to experience living dinosaurs. For the first time, you’ll see and feel what it was like to be among some of the most awesome animals ever to roam the Earth. A visit to Dinosaurs in the Wild promises to be the most exhilarating experience, firing the imagination with the latest science and providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter, and discover more about, the prehistoric world. Prepare to be amazed. Your seat on our time machine awaits, so book now - destination, the late Cretaceous! What is Dinosaurs in the Wild Dinosaurs in the Wild is a 70-minute experience that combines dramatic storytelling, scripted actors, and high-end digital graphics and animatronics to create a believable prehistoric world. It’s a unique blend of theatre, theme park fun and the very latest palaeontological knowledge, combined in an immersive adventure designed to make you feel as though you’re really there, in amongst the dinosaurs, in their world, at their time. Dinosaurs in the Wild is like going on the greatest safari – except you’ll travel back in time with our guides and actually experience what life was like 67 million years ago, surrounded by living dinosaurs in the wild. In fact, your Dinosaurs in the Wild experience will be like stepping into the most unforgettable, yet educational, story ever, and we can promise a few incredible surprises along the way. So get ready for the ultimate voyage of discovery! Since travelling back in time 67 million years to experience living dinosaurs isn’t something you do every day, in this section you’ll find everything you need to know to help you plan for your big adventure. You’ll also find plenty more information in the FAQs that we’ve compiled about your visit to Dinosaurs in the Wild. What will my journey be like? BOARD OUR TIME MACHINE, LEAVE THE 21ST CENTURY BEHIND AND GO ON THE ULTIMATE VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY – YOUR DESTINATION, THE LATE CRETACEOUS! Travel to our incredible scientific research station, TimeBase 67, where you’ll get to experience dinosaurs as never before. If you think you know what these magnificent creatures look like, think again. When you see living dinosaurs, you’ll be amazed by just how different they look – some of them possess feathers, manes and vivid markings, for instance. Prepare to be enthralled by our working laboratories, in which you’ll witness truly extraordinary things, such as a dinosaur autopsy, hatchlings emerging from eggs and young dinosaurs in cages. You’ll also visit The Lookout, with its huge windows providing the most entrancing panoramic views of the prehistoric life outside TimeBase 67 – who knows, you may even encounter a massive Tyrannosaurus rex! HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR JOURNEY TAKE A TRIP IN CHRONOTEX’S TIME MACHINE TO TIMEBASE 67 You’ll be given a safety briefing on the potential dangers of prehistoric travel, before going back in time a staggering 67 million years – to the late Cretaceous Period. Don’t worry – Chronotex’s cutting-edge technology has been designed specifically to avoid motion sickness for our time-travellers. BOOKING TICKETS Dinosaurs in the Wild is set to take you on the greatest adventure of your life. Book tickets now for: NEC BIRMINGHAM (24th June 2017 – 24th August 2017) EVENTCITY, MANCHESTER (7th October 2017 – 7th January 2018) OPENING HOURS Departures in our time machine to TimeBase 67 start from 9:30am, Tuesday to Sunday. For exact time-slots, please visit our booking sites for Birmingham and Manchester. DURATION Your Dinosaurs in the Wild adventure lasts approximately 70 minutes, although we do recommend that you allow a minimum of 90 minutes in...

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