Support | Using Guest List on YourDaysOut Tickets

Premium users on YourDaysOut have access to extra tools including Tickets.

Tickets can be used to sell tickets online - on your page on YourDaysOut and also on your own website - and can be easily configured for general admission, events, camps, birthday party bookigs, free registrations and more.

When a customer buys a ticket online, you can use your Guest List to manage their booking.

One important function is check-in where you can validate your ticket. Learn more about that here: Check-In

As well as Check-In, the Event Management tools also include the following useful functions:

  • Move Tickets to a different day
  • Delete Ticket
  • Refund
  • Resend a ticket (including changing email address if necessary)
  • Add a manual booking for competition winners or front-desk sales.

The new dashboard on YourDaysOut Guest List includes a status field that shows:

  • Not On Sale: Ticket sales have not started, ticket sales have ended or the business has disabled this time slot
  • On Sale: Ticket for this time slot are on-sale
  • Sold Out: A capacity limit has been set and all tickets have been sold.
  • Completed: The event is in the past

Also, when all tickets have been checked-in, the column is highlighted for instant notification.

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