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Brickhill Street Milton Keynes Milton Keynes United Kingdom MK15 0DS
Variable depending on the time of year.
Adult - £29.00 Child - £24.00 Family - £84.80
Suitable for:

With loads of jumping, dropping, laughing and screaming obstacles, this course is the BIGGEST high rope adventure course in the south of England. With the Junior Course, the Adventure Course! there are loads of challenges from the gentle to the truly adrenalised!  So prepare your family for a truly great adventure!

The time to do the courses varies dramatically depending on the course, your level of confidence, people in front of you and the number of people on the course. As a general guide however, we recommend you allow around 45 minutes for the Junior Adventure Course (£18pp,6 years+ and a minimum of 1.1m in height) and around 1hr 30 for the Adventure Course (minimum height for this1.4m)

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