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Discover Holiday Poland is run by people who have over ten years of experience in hospitality, who lives in Ireland and decided to present and guide you through their homeland. Our focus is our guests and their comfort. We will try to meet all expectation and requests. Our ethos is You Relax We Do The Rest! We want to show you a different side of holidays.

Poland is getting to be more and more popular for weekend getaways and it’s one of the safest destinations to travel to - we want to cater for this demand. Make your holidays arrangements as easy and relaxing as possible. Enjoy tasty food, explore eastern culture and experience the different way for holiday. A luxury Holiday that you don’t need a loan for - affordable packages. Our main destination is Zakopane – a city located in the heart of the Polish mountains (Polish winter capitol). Two hours drive from Krakow Airport,


Bit of History:

- The earliest documents mentioning Zakopane date to the 17th century, describing a glade called Zakopisko. - By 1889 it had developed from a small village into a climatic health resort - The ski jump on Wielka Krokwia was opened in 1925.

- The cable car to Kasprowy Wierch was completed in 1936.

- The funicular connected Zakopane and the top of Gubałówka in 1938.

Why it’s worth to see Zakopane:

- It is unique for its sounding natural beauty and culture

- It is the highest city in Poland. It is located at an altitude of 750-2301 meters above sea level - Zakopane is a health resort

- The climate of the Tatras Mountains creates very favourable conditions for recuperation and regeneration of strength; good health not only physical, but also mental

- Hot springs / thermal pools - Water in them contains ingredients with a beneficial effect on the human body, including sulphides and sulphates, silica and potassium In combination with the heat that sources give, minerals more easily penetrate into the body, exerting a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, metabolism, hormonal balance, as well as the psychophysical state. A stay in the therapies contributes to the prevention of winter depression, restores well-being and reduces stress. Such a trip in autumn and early winter can support the body's defences and help to survive the cold weather without the usual health problems.

- It’s easy to explore because we are there to guide you!

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