Lurgybrack Open Farm

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N13 County Donegal Donegal Ireland
Adult - €6.00 Child - €6.00 Family - €22.00
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Lurgybrack Open Farm is a special place where all the family can spend the day together seeing the animals and having fun.

The centuries old farm building is home to a range of friendly farm animals that children can come face to face with.

There is ample space to play safely, wander by the riverside, walk or just sit back and unwind with a tasty snack from our tea room or have your own family picnic. 


1 reviews for Lurgybrack Open Farm

Gayle Kelly 1 / 5

We visit yesterday. Started off really impressed. Entrance is beautiful but it went downhill very quickly. Apart from the general area not being maintained the animals here are not being looked after. The first animal we came across was a pig, it’s enclosure is so over grown with nettles that it can only go around the outside. Fresh water, non existent. The next field had a lama and 2 goats. All lying down and even trying to entice them over with the food that we bought at the gate they still remained lying down. The reason was then evident, when one of the goats slowly got up and limped over to us. It’s hooves in such incredibly bad condition. All cracked right up through, it’s was so gentle but kept moving from foot to foot because of the pain. You then walk down the path, and for another 600m or so with absolute no direction and nothing to see, it’s just a storage area from broken sheds!! The pony ride then is so bad. Round in a circle once for 2e. I brought the condition of the goat up with the team at this point and was told it was nothing to do with them and to speak to Patrick! Pony was not offered water after observing for 45mins. Can’t imagine what it was like for it last week. Deer enclosure is so small and dirty. Their hooves needed to be treated also. The other animals look so miserable and don’t want to interact what so ever… most just lying down. Even with the temptation of food! All of the enclosures have issues and the animals are not even being given the basic care that is needed. I’ve been to so many pet farms with my kids but never have I came across one like this. Playground is okay but good again not maintained, broken toys in sand pit etc. I have sent Gerard O Loan an email, no reply back. Yet he was quick enough to reply when we asked re tickets! I’ve now gone ahead and contacted other bodies so that suffering is no longer seen at lurgybrack. The pandemic has been hard on all, money is clearly the aim here but animals shouldn’t be made to suffer. I hope that if you do still go ahead and visit that you ensure that you raise concerns if still visable.

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