KidSpace Play Centre

Things to do in County Dublin Dublin, Ireland - KidSpace Play Centre - YourDaysOut
Rathfarnham, Ireland
09:30 - 18:00
Child - EUR 8.50
Suitable for:

Soft Play areas – suitable for babies from up to 12 years which includes: 2 Separate Playcentre Areas Baby and toddler area up to age 3 Large Frame from 3 up to age 12 Toddlers Padded soft play area, watch your little one within easy reach or why not join in for some interactive play. Featuring a ball pit, a 2 lane slide and interactive games Over 3′s Playframe, featuring a 4 lane slide and a spiders web maze Children can enjoy endless fun on the the gymnic ball area, dangly bee swarm or the webbing deck climber! Sensory Room The sensory room is a calm and tranquil environment with a range of stimulating equipment to help your child with their sensory development. The multisensory room at KIDSPACE has many different features ranging from soft relaxing areas with beanbags to interactive equipment all specially designed to support your child through the early stages of learning. The onsite cafe server excellent fresh food and there is free wifi, newspapers and...

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