Ladyrath Lane

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A family run business trading from family outhouses and renovated sheds.we cater for seasonal events from Halloween to Christmas and even weddings. Ladyrath Lane started as a small farmstead built in 1938 consisting of a hay barn and a cattle shed. It was divided into three stalls to accommodate milking cows, pigs and the working horse. It was the main source of basic food and a very small income for the Price family, Joseph, his wife Kate, their son Sean and his wife Frances. Weddings Fast forward to 2015, Joseph and Kate’s great granddaughter Shirley who has lived in the family cottage for 9 years decided along with her intended Paul to renovate the “yard” and have their own wedding here!! After much thought, planning, blood sweat and tears their goal was to create the happiest and most magical memories on their wedding day down in the yard. Over the course of the wedding weekend, their guest admiration and delight at their achievement planted a seed in their mind and without much further ado “Ladyrath Lane” was born. Cow Shed Cafe Our Cafe is called the Cow Shed Cafe, as in the distant past it used to be used as a cow shed by Shirley’s...

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