KIngdom of Sports

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Things to do in County Westmeath, Ireland - KIngdom of Sports - YourDaysOut
Canal Avenue, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
Mon-Fri: 16:00 - Last Entry 19:30 | Sat/Sun & Bank Holidays: 12:00 - Last Entry 19:30
Adult - €10.00 Child - €10.00
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Kingdom of Sports is a leisure activity open to all ages and level of ability, the emphasis is on having fun in a non-strenuous multi-sport arena. The Arena contains 10 different sports all in their own self-contained sections with sloped floors and conveyor belts to return all equipment as needed. Every score of the required skill for each sport will gain the competitor a “Kingdom of Sports” point, with total points calculated once the circuit is complete to determine the Kingdom of Sports Champion! Competitors can then see how they compare to friends, work colleagues, classmates or even the “Kingdom of Sports” leaderboard. Gaelic Football Score a point with an out of the hands' free kick from 15 meters, easy, right? Try it. Putting the ball between the posts scores one point, all else is worth nothing, this is not Aussie Rules! Hurling Hit the specially designed targets to score a point form 13 meters! Even shinty (Scotish Hurlers) players could do that! 10 attempts with each competitor required to hit 3 different targets! No target, no point. Rugby Make a successful conversion from 15 meters, Sexy(ton) style. 10 attempts with each competitor required to place the ball on the kicking tee and send it between the posts for just one point in this game. Soccer Hit the back of the net with a penalty from 13 meters (not for Kevin Kilbane). 10 attempts with each competitor required to hit five to the keeper's right and five to the keeper's left. Baseball Batting Balls will be pitched from our genuine American Baseball pitching machine at speeds up to 60mph, can you even see? But more importantly, can you hit it? 12 chances to successfully hit and project the ball forward to score one point. Speeds can be adjusted for younger players. Baseball Pitching Trust the Americans to make a national sport out of Rounders! Throw the ball from 13 meters to the target and remember above the knee and below the shoulder for one point. Basketball Can't dunk, don't worry. Convert one free throw for one point. 10 attempts for each competitor to make the basket from a free throw. Golf Putting Test your putting on our specially designed slopping greens. 5 putts with 2 chances on each putt to score. Tennis Serve the ball over the net directly to our target from 13 meters to score an Ace! See if you can emulate the numerous famous and successful Irish tennis players. 10 attempts for each competitor to clear the net and hit the target to score one point.

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